Zerona is an FDA-approved body slimming laser. Utilizing a low-level laser beam, this device painlessly reduces inches and stubborn body fat. Zerona works by delivering the energy from the laser into your fats cells. Once there, the energy causes your fat to liquefy in the fat cells and the cells then form little holes. Your liquefied fat then seeps out of those holes. Your body disposes of the fat through your lympathic system. No need for invasive surgery, no needles and no incisions. These treatments have zero discomfort and no down time.

Consider Treatment

  • Desire to slim down without invasive surgery
  • Interested in losing inches


In Preparation

We highly recommend that you purchase the supplement plan that Dr. Thornfeldt specifically chose to help you get the best result. It includes multiple supplements that will help to naturally stimulate your metabolism, provide a multi-vitamin for your everyday needs, help to suppress your appetite and help your body to process the fat that is released from your fat cells during each treatment.


The Treatment

What to Expect Prior to Treatment

Begin use of the recommended supplements as directed, starting one week prior to the first treatment.  Before your first treatment and after your last, your measurements will be taken and recorded.  We will write your measurements in your patient chart to easily track your success.

What to Expect During Treatment

For best results, we request that you remove your clothes, leaving your white under garments or white bathing suit on, put on the safety goggles and lay down on the treatment chair. The Esthetician will direct the Zerona lasers at your target areas. The length of the treatments will vary according to the treatment package you chose.

What to Expect After Treatment

You will want to continue your healthy lifestyle.  There is no down time with this procedure.


At Home Care

Continue walking, drinking water and taking the supplements for at least one week after your final treatment. This will aid in continuance of results and help to keep the inches off.

One week after the last treatment we request that you return to the office so we can take your final measurements.

What You Should Know

The only way to remove fat cells is by liposuction surgery. Eating poorly, not exercising properly or gaining weight will likely reverse the results of your treatment as the fat may re-accumulate in your fat cells. As is typical of this type of treatment, a high level of patient participation and cooperation is required to achieve the best results.  Most people do not see noticeable results until they are close to halfway through their treatment package.