When you crave the glow of a fresh natural looking tan, we have a healthy option for you. The Sunmist products contain a proprietary formula, DermEssential Infusion I™ which is a blending of certified organic extracts and natural mineral derivatives, a rich mix of anti-oxidants, vitamins and natural hydrators to keep your skin protected, nourished and soothed long after your tanning experience. This unique airbrush tanning system applies a thin layer of a specialized solution to the outer most layers of your skin. This solution causes your skin to darken naturally without exposure to UV sunlight.

Consider Treatment

  • Achieve a natural looking, yet healthy tan

In Preparation

We recommend that you use a non-oil based exfoliator or Epionce™ Lytic Gel Cleanser.

The Treatment

What to Expect Prior to Treatment

For best result, we request that you shower at least 4 hours prior to your treatment. When you get out of the shower do not apply any lotion or deodorant to your skin. The oils in your lotion may hinder the absorption of the solution. Arrive in comfortable, loose clothing. There is a chance that some of the solution may rub off onto your clothes, so choose your outfit accordingly.

After you are taken to the Sunmist room, the Esthetician will leave while you change to your desired level of clothing. For some this is a swimsuit, others choose simple undergarments, others prefer no clothing so as to avoid any tan lines.

What to Expect During Treatment

The Esthetician will ask that you apply a barrier cream to any dry spots that you may have. This will ensure that the solution isn’t absorbed to quickly into your dry areas, making them develop darker than the other areas of your body. Next the Esthetician will request that you stand in positions that are optimal for an even tan. The products are then applied with an airbrush. They do feel cold as they are being applied. The tanning product will be customized to your desired color ans skin type.

What to Expect After Treatment

We let each of our clients air dry for about 5 -15 minutes. Once your skin feels dry to the touch then you may get dressed. We recommend that you not get wet that day, so you will want to avoid any physical activity that may make you sweat. To keep your tan from transferring onto your palms, try to keep from touching your sprayed skin and wosh your palms frequently.

At Home Care

You may shower the morning after your tan, or about 10-12 hours later, whichever is most convenient. You will want to avoid exfoliating as that will fade your tan. To extend your tan we recommend that you use a tan extend body moisturizer.

What You Should Know

This tanning process only affects the outer most layer of your skin. Once this layer sloughs off, in about 5-7 days, then the tan will be gone. The fading process typically happens evenly, and is gradual. Getting into a swimming pool, hot tub or salt water will quickly fade your spray tan.


Deluxe Full Body $40

Full Body $30

Legs Only $25

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