What Is A MedSpa?

MedSpa vs. Day Spa

We take your skin seriously. Combining the expertise of our Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt and medical grade spa services, we build custom treatment plans for each of our clients. The opposite of a DaySpa, which typically offers feel-good services with minimal results, a MedSpa has the capacity to deliver real results based on true science. The MedSpa by CT Derm takes your skin health one step further. We have made an educated decision to not offer injectable fillers or wrinkle relaxers, instead taking a holistic approach to skin health. We believe that your skin has the power to renew and regenerate itself, and it is our task to turn on and speed up those processes.

Restorative Care

Skin damage happens, even to the most cautious clients. It appears differently on each person, somewhat due to skin type and health. For some, sun exposure is the culprit. First, you may notice fine lines or you may notice dark spots. These initial signs of aging will only progress if left untreated. For others, the need for repair stems from teenage acne leaving noticeable scarring. Regardless of the type or severity of skin damage, our clients often experience associated, decreased self image. No matter what type of skin repair you are seeking, we can help you. We strive to deliver natural results that make you look better and feel more confident. We find great satisfaction in providing fullness in not only your outer beauty, but also in renewing your confidence.

Medical Esthetics

A fusion of health care, beauty services and high technology skin care, medical esthetics is changing how we care for our skin. With the continual advancements of laser technology and improved ability to provide cosmetic improvement without surgery, medical esthetics has become the beauty secret of the century. The ideal result of a medical esthetic procedure is to keep your friends and co-workers wondering what looks different about you, why do you look refreshed and more youthful without a change so dramatic to make people wonder if you have undergone cosmetic surgery. Most importantly, these enhancements can be made without significant discomfort.