For some of us, we will feel a little stress over these next few holidays. For another group, “a little stress” will be the understatement of the season. The planning of dinners, attending parties, and gathering with friends and family can all leave us searching for a place to hide and rest. This physical stress can leave our skins barrier compromised, taking away that vibrant and youthful glow that you once had.

Remember that this seasons’s dry weather can also stress the skin.

The lack of humidity damages the skin’s barrier and needs repairing in order to reduce inflammation. Sometimes making small adjustments to a normal skin care regimen is all that is needed to eliminate that dry, tight feeling our skin can go through. Adding the Epionce Balancing Toner for hydration before your facial cream or body lotion is a great place to start. Applying your moisturizer immediately following the spray will help to lock in moisture. Also, using the Epionce Enriched Firming Mask, a couple of nights weekly, will allow your skin to return to that refreshing place it was at before the cold moved in. This soothing product will also help firm and tighten your skin.

The MedSpa exists to help you with the challenges your skin is facing. If you have any questions about re-hydrating your skin, please call the MedSpa to discuss what options will be best suited for you. The discomfort of your in-laws hanging around may be inevitable; but, that doesn’t mean your dry skin needs to.