What is Botox™ and how does it work?

Botox™ is a drug that is prepared from the bacterial toxin botulinum. Botulinum toxin is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. Scientist have estimated that a single gram could kill as many as one million people. With that said, all medical and cosmetic uses of the botulinum toxin are performed with extremely small concentrations. Botulinum toxin is sold commercially by the following names- Botox™, Vistabel™, Botox™ cosmetic, Dysport™, Bocouture™, Xeomin™ and Myobloc™. For the purpose of simplicity I will refer to it as Botox™. Botox™ is used to treat facial wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing unbalanced, overactive facial muscles. It is injected at targeted locations and works by preventing signals from the nerve cells reaching muscles, effectively leaving the muscles without instructions to contract, therefore paralyzing them.

What kind of side effects are associated with Botox™?

Injections with botulinum toxin are generally well tolerated and frequency of side-effects are uncommon. The most common, and logical side-effect is mild injection pain and local swelling post injection, however, there are some very real side-effects that can occur. The more common being permanent dimpling of the skin at the injection site (which would require fillers to fill), drooping of the eyelids or brows, blurred vision, temporary unwanted weakness / paralysis of nearby musculature caused by the action of the toxin, and weakness of the lower eyelid. Some of the more serious side effects include difficulty swallowing (or dysphagia for the medical readers), neck weakness, gallbladder dysfunction, decreased eyesight and blindness. Long term Botox™ users have reported that the lack of using the treated muscles for prolonged periods has resulted in permanent muscle atrophy or shrinkage, which means that fillers may always be required to maintain normal facial contours.

Why not Botox™?

When Botox™ first made its debut Dr Carl carefully researched the science, weighing the potential side-effects versus the benefits. He made the determination that we could offer more effective results with other cosmetic treatments, and not have the risk of side-effects. Through his careful guidance and knowledge of skin health and current laser and IPL technology, we have been very successful at outperforming Botox™ for several years with procedures providing longer term results. The science premise that concerns Dr Carl is that whenever there is muscle imbalance any place else in the body you do not cut out or damage the stronger muscles, you exercise to build up the weaker ones. Thus the functional foundation of Botox™ is backwards. Instead, the more natural approach of stimulating the weaker muscles and other tissues to achieve balance is the path for us at the MedSpa by CT Derm. After all, there is no scientific data showing Botox™ improves skin health. As established by our mission statement- all treatments offered at CT Derm must improve the health of your skin.

What does The MedSpa by CT Derm offer in the place of Botox™?

The foundation of true skin health is an at home protocol with an exceptional skin care line that is targeted at really making your skin healthier. We recommend, sell and use (professionally and personally) the skin care line Epionce ™. Once you get that first step established, there are several treatments that we offer that deliver results superior to Botox™. If I were to pick one treatment that I felt would offer you the quickest and most noticeable result I would recommend the Micro-needling with PRP. This innovative treatment not only lacks the potentially crazy side-effects, but it also delivers longer-lasting results. We have had great feedback from clients who have had just one of these treatments. And yes, one of those clients had a friend ask them if they had had Botox™.

The take away

Here at the MedSpa by CT Derm we take a more natural approach to beauty. We encourage your skin to find its own youthfulness by harnessing the power of modern technology and thereby rendering a more natural result. At this point in time the idea of an injectable toxin doesn’t fit into our approach to helping you find your true beauty. We currently feel botulinum toxins are not a healthy way to reduce wrinkles, but with science always changing, we don’t know what the future holds.

This doesn’t mean that if you have (or have previously had) Botox™ that we don’t want to help you. We do have some clients that are former and or current botulinum toxin users. We have also helped some clients wean off of their botulinum toxin ‘addiction’. What is does mean is that our convictions run deeper than our profits, and so we don’t offer that service at our MedSpa.

As always, if you have any questions, you are always welcome to come and see one of our Licensed Estheticians for a complimentary consultation. They are available to assist you and would love to help you develop a personal plan to unveil your natural beauty.